Version 1.1 Changelog

Hey everyone, I just updated the demo with a few bug fixes!

  • Fixed bug that made it possible to get stuck inside closed elevators when traveling towards them too quickly.
  • Grappling hooks now have a de-spawn delay when you reach them. The result is that they bring you closer to the location they hit and feel nicer to use. As a side effect this also fixes the bug that could cause you to get permanently stuck in doors.
  • Fixed a texture not loading properly in grapple challenge.
  • Quick fix for locker exploit. I removed the hideable locker! I'll look into fixing the issue at its core, but for now this will do.

Thanks everyone for helping report bugs! If you find any new ones in the version, please report them here. Anything else will be considered off topic and potentially be deleted.


Baldi's Basics Challenges V1.1 - Windows 64bit 39 MB
Apr 03, 2020
Baldi's Basics Challenges V1.1 - Windows 36 MB
Apr 03, 2020

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