First patch! Version 1.0.1 is now available!

Thanks to everyone who has played the game today, I hope y'all are having a blast!

I've gone ahead and whipped up a quick patch to fix some of the bugs you've reported. Here's the changelog for this update:

  • Removed captions for Button and lever sounds (Previously they were broken, but they aren't needed so they have been removed).
  • Added several captions that were accidentally Omitted in the previous version.
  • Fixed a bug that caused 1st Prize to make a slam Noise when cutting his wires while moving at a high speed.
  • Made secret tweaks to Undisclosed things to prevent classified confusion.
  • Made it So you can now look backwards while jumping rope.
  • Fixed Baldi mentioning "a shiny Quarter" in party style.
  • Probably some other Small tweaks I'm forgetting.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs! Hopefully there aren't many left to be squashed. Have fun playing!

Files 135 MB
Oct 22, 2022 149 MB
Oct 22, 2022 142 MB
Oct 22, 2022

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