Version 1.1 is now available!

First off, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who's played the game! The launch was amazing, the game even made it to the #4 spot on Steam's new and trending tab! The positive reviews mean a lot too, I'm glad so many people have enjoyed the game so much!

This update is the only major update I have planned, but it brings a cool new feature, free run! Free run is now grouped with the fun settings, and if you enable it you'll be able to explore the school without Baldi being around. You can't unlock anything in free run of course, but it might be a handy way to help you plan out a few strategies!

Here's the full changelog: 


  • Free Run: This mode lets you play without Baldi in the game. A good way to explore, practice, or just mess around! Comes with a new skybox! 


  • You can now move a little bit during a jump while playing jump rope! Now when you get caught by Playtime in a bad spot, you might still be able to get where you need just in time!
  • Alarm clocks can now be set to go off after 15, 30, 45, or 60 seconds. Once dropped, just click on it to change it! It will be set to 30 seconds by default.
  • Arts and Crafters' audio is now passed through a compressed audio channel, which prevents it from being too loud.
  • Arts and Crafters' teleportation destination is now determined the moment you are teleported, rather than the moment the attack starts. The behavior now works a bit more like you'd expect as you won't get teleported to exits you close after the attack sequence starts.
  • You can now press and hold alt for five seconds on the launcher screen to reset settings to default, including graphics settings. Holding control will reset controls to defaults. You will hear a "ding!" to confirm when either key has been held long enough. This is useful if you somehow mess up your settings and need to reset them to get back into the game.
    • You can also press and hold these keys as the Basically Games logo screen switches to the warning screen for the same effects.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the candle in Party Mode being able to burn out like other lights can.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause accidental changes to your answers when using the enter key to submit answers into the You Can Think Pad. By default "enter" is assigned as a button for clicking menu items. When pressing enter to submit an answer into the YCTP while the mouse cursor was hovering over a button, it would press the button before submitting the answer, ruining the answer and failing the problem. The mouse cursor is now temporarily disabled when using enter to submit YCTP answers to avoid this issue.
  • Fixed WD-NoSquee uses being used up when clicking on a door that is locked or open.
  • (Steam) I am currently investigating the issue with endless achievements not always triggering that a few of you have reported (Remember though, if you're using cheats achievements are disabled!). I can't find any issues with the way it's currently programmed, but I have received what seems to be pretty clear evidence from a friend that there's a problem here. Until I figure out what's wrong, I've implemented a backup system which will check your high scores on startup. If you haven't received the achievements yet, the game should reward them if it finds scores that qualify them (So for example, if you have a saved score of 20+ points, the game will make sure you have all three endless achievements).
  • Fixed a BIG issue where endless score names were not properly shifted with the scores themselves when new records were made. Really sorry about that one! Definitely something I should have caught before I released the game.
  • Fixed Lights Out breaking when finishing a game of Party Style story mode.
  • Fixed control mapping options from Baldi's Basics Plus showing in the control mapper (Similar to the 5 inventory slot bug from earlier, this seems to be caused by Git weirdness).
  • Fixed cafeteria ambience not being assigned to the sound effects audio channel, meaning it wasn't affected by any audio settings.

Thanks again for playing, and for all the bug reports! Like I said, this is the only major update I planned on making for Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered. I really wanted to get free run in, which was a last minute plan. I'll still keep an eye out for bugs though and fix them in minor updates when I'm able! Also, as I make improvements to Plus, I'll be able to easily merge them into this game since both share the same framework. I definitely have plans on making certain improvements and optimizations to Plus that I'd like to bring to this.

But yeah, I'm happy to say that this project is essentially finished! It feels good to be able to release a game and then stand back and confidently say it's done, inevitable bug fixes notwithstanding. I've definitely learned a lot, both about game development and myself, working on this project, and while it side-tracked me a lot longer than I anticipated (Remember when I said "you won't have to wait long" back in March 2021?!) I think the lessons learned and experience gained will help ensure Baldi's Basics Plus will end up being even better once it's finished. Now that I can put my full focus back onto Plus I'm very, very excited for the next phase of development!

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