V0.2 is out! Here's the changelog!

Version 0.2 is finally out! Before checking out this changelog I recommend playing the game and discovering the new stuff for yourself. Here's most of the changes from 0.1.5:

Adjustments and Additions:

  • Added 1st Prize! He's back and ready to start hugging you again!
  • Added Johnny's Store! You can now buy items or have your map filled with the YTPs you earn. The store will also show you a description of any item you mouse over. Johnny will keep you company while you shop!
  • Added many new ways to earn You Thought Points, including:
    • Picking up regular notebooks (+10)
    • Finishing jump rope with Playtime (+25 if you do it perfectly, the reward drops by 5 each time you mess up)
    • Field trips (+100, +200, or +300 depending on performance)
    • Time bonus
    • Grade bonus
  • Added lots of new artwork, mostly replacing graphics that were previously placeholders. Updated graphics include:
    • Elevator screen. This has been completely revamped. There's even some music that plays while you wait!
    • Elevator in-game. The doors and inside now have proper textures. Also added new elevator door sounds.
    • Gotta Sweep's closet. The door now uses a new "Supplies" texture, and the inside uses whatever textures the halls are using.
    • Math Machine. This now has a design that is final! It will even light up to let you know if your answer was correct or not. Note, I'm aware that the pre-made maps still use the old design. This will be fixed once I rework the way pre-made levels are built and saved.
    • Grappling Hook. The icon is the same, but the projectile uses a much nicer sprite, and cracks appear where it hits a surface.
    • Staminometer. The stamina bar is no longer just a boring bar!
  • The elevator results screen now displays accurate values instead of placeholders.
  • Added a new event: Gravity Chaos! If you're upside down, any NPCs who aren't won't be able to interact with you, and vice-versa!
  • The grappling hook can now be used 5 times before it's used up.
  • Baldi can no longer end the game if his ruler is broken.

Bug Fixes

  • Made changes to the sprite shaders that should prevent automatic batching, which was causing sprites to turn dark when multiple of the same sprites were near each other.
  • Fixed the script that handles multi-angled sprites (1st Prize, The Test). Viewing angles weren't quite right before.
  • Reworked the script that NPCs use to "see" the player so that they consistently detect the player even if the player is moving quickly or is inside the NPC. This occasionally caused strange behavior.
  • Fixed clunky vertical mouse movement with the in-game mouse. It should be super smooth now!
  • Fixed portal posters not rendering properly.
  • Fixed Chalkles not rendering properly.
  • Fixed the arrows not pointing in the direction the Principals are moving in in the Stealthy Challenge.
  • Fixed some materials that were using old shaders that did not have fog or lighting effects.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to enter lockers while being pushed by an outside force.
  • Corrected the color of Principal of the Thing's "I'm coming!" subtitle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPCs in field trips to descend below the map.

That's it! I'm sorry for taking so long to get this first major update out. Trust me though, things are speeding up, and 0.3 will be released much more quickly! I hope you'll look forward to it!

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