Version 0.2.2 Changelog (Also 0.2.1)

Baldi's Basics Plus version 0.2.2 is available now! Since I never uploaded a changelog for version 0.2.1, I'll also include that in this update.


Bug Fixes

  • Made it so that 1st Prize can actually spawn.
  • Fixed Johnny's subtitles (They are disabled now, as they aren't important for gameplay. Once I set up a system for non-directional subtitles, I will re-implement them).
  • Fixed the store entrance icon not displaying correctly on some displays.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed endless mode using the old texture for Gotta Sweep's closet.
  • Fixed NPCs' vision not being affected by fog properly.
  • Fixed Principal of the Thing sending players to detention twice in a row for no reason.
  • Fixed issues caused by changes made to the way billboarded sprites work that would occasionally cause sprites to flip upside down and do other weird things during the flood event.
  • Fixed some visual issues with the credits.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused posters to not render properly, making them invisible.
  • On OSX, fixed a bug that caused fog to always be white, even if it was supposed to be a different color.
  • On OSX, fixed a shader oversight that resulted in sprites causing extreme slowdown (On some OSX systems).
  • Fixed inaccurate textures on the roto-hall signs.


  • Items purchased from the store will now go straight to your inventory, instead of the counter, if there's room. Items will only go to the counter once the inventory is full.
  • When exiting the store, the confirmation dialogue will now only show if there are items on the counter.
  • The text on the exit confirmation dialogue has been changed to make clearer the fact that items left on the counter will be lost.
  • Shortened Johnny's voice line for when you mouse over the map fill item. He now simply says "This will fill out your map!"
  • Safety Scissors can now be used to stun 1st Prize for 30 seconds. The effect is cumulative, so using multiple scissors on it will result in the stun lasting even longer.
  • Updated the item description for Safety Scissors to offer clearer details on its use.


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Sep 19, 2020
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Sep 19, 2020
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Sep 19, 2020

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