Version 0.3.2 Changelog

Version 0.3.2 is out now, and it brings with it the new farm field trip! Here's the full changelog:

Adjustments and Additions

  • Added the new farm field trip! In this minigame you'll need to quickly click and drag animals through a corn maze and into the barn.
  • Adjusted the camping minigame difficulty to be slightly easier in-game. There is now one more three fire problem than before and one less four fire problem than before.
  • Pressing and holding escape for one second while playing an the endless variant of a field trip will allow you to exit it at any given moment. There is no pause function during these minigames to prevent cheating.
  • Reworked Arts and Crafters. The "attacking" animation is now completely different and less annoying. Now only the player will be teleported and Baldi will be unaffected.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed apple trees not having apples.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented basketball hoops from ever generating and other objects from not generating in the maximum possible quantity set in the generator settings.
  • Fixed Arts and Crafters often breaking after attacking and getting stuck while playing the loud sound effect.


Baldi's Basics + 74 MB
Dec 04, 2020
Baldi's Basics + 76 MB
Dec 04, 2020
Baldi's Basics + 72 MB
Dec 04, 2020

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