0.3.4 is out now! Here's the changelog!

Baldi's Basics Plus version 0.3.4 has just released! This update was mostly focused on fixing bugs introduced in 0.3.3, but it also contains a few other changes as well. Here's the full changelog:


  • Made changes to Mrs. Pomp's behavior
    • After telling the player to come to her class, she will now run back to her class room instead of walking back.
    • The way she drags the player to her class has been overhauled. Before this worked by freezing the player's movement and pulling them along a path towards the targeted class room, and Mrs. Pomp would follow the player. Now, the player is pulled towards Mrs. Pomp as she runs to her class room. The player's movement during this is slowed, but not frozen. If the player manages to be separated from Mrs. Pomp, they will gain full movement again and stop being pulled towards her, until she realizes she lost the player, at which point she will return to grab the player again. This continues until she gets the player in her class room.
    • This change was actually introduced in 0.3.3 - Instead of freezing the player in place when she pulls the player into her class room, she now shuts and locks all the doors. With this change you can now move around the room as she teaches, and even escape with keys.
    • Once Mrs. Pomp finishes teaching, she will now reset after a few minutes, at which point she can invite the player to another class.
    • Mrs. Pomp can now open any locked doors (Not swinging doors) that she comes into contact with.
  • Balloons now spawn in random positions in their designated rooms, instead of in the center.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the missing closet door in the grapple challenge.
  • Fixed Gotta Sweep not spawning in the closet in the grapple challenge.
  • Fixed endless medium high scores being saved to the endless random leaderboards.
  • Fixed the custom seed field not unlocking when beating the game.
  • Fixed the missing tape player in the endless medium map.
  • Fixed the incorrect subtitle colors for the many of the voice lines for Baldi and Principal.
  • Fixed missing subtitles for a couple of the Principal's lines.
  • Fixed being able to get scolded for breaking rules in the principal's office in the stealthy challenge.
  • Fixed the alarm clock sprite not being affected by fog.
  • Fixed the balloons being stuck in one corner of the room in the Hide & Seek ending.
  • Fixed the detention time text being misaligned with the detention description text.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the elevator doors in the grapple challenge to close even before the player left the elevator.


Baldi's Basics + V0.3.4_Windows.zip 62 MB
Jul 02, 2021
Baldi's Basics + V0.3.4_Linux.zip 77 MB
Jul 02, 2021
Baldi's Basics + V0.3.4_OSX.zip 58 MB
Jul 02, 2021

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