0.3.6 is out now with tons of bug fixes!

Baldi's Basics Plus version 0.3.6 has just released, and with it comes a lot of bug fixes! Thanks to everyone who reported bugs, that was a huge help.

The MacOS version is still on hold unfortunately, as I still haven't figured out what's causing it to freeze. With these bug fixes out of the way though I'll be able to spend some more time digging into the issue.

Here's the full changelog, as well as some known issues I haven't taken the time to fix yet. You don't have to worry about reporting those!


  • Renamed "subtitles" to "captions".
  • The player can now move around a little bit while being hugged by 1st Prize.
  • When being pushed by 1st Prize or Gotta Sweep, the player will automatically open any doors they collide with.
  • Updated copyright.
  • Added the ability to past seeds into the new seed entry system. Just press Control/Command + V when a valid seed is saved to the clipboard!
  • Placed the Hide-and-Seek button in a more prominent spot to make it clearer that it's the main mode.
  • If a file's resolution is manually set by modifying the config file, that resolution will be added to the list of available resolutions in the options screen until the setting is changed and the game is closed.
  • Camera no longer renders while pause screens and field trips are open. This should allow for smoother performance on low end hardware while on these screens.
  • Added transitions when loading and leaving field trips and when entering and leaving Johnny's store.
  • Adjusted the value of the minimum mouse camera sensitivity setting.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed windows not having the correct broken glass texture (Not sure how that one slipped by, whoops!).
  • Fixed Rewired control mapper maps being reset every time the game is started.
  • Fixed Steam Input not working during in-game field trips.
  • Fixed the "NO" button on the quit confirm screen not having a transition.
  • Fixed the player being able to click through windows.
  • Fixed gum passing through windows.
  • Fixed the grappling hook not latching onto windows.
  • Fixed apple trees not having apples.
  • Fixed the water fountain spout and grappling hook cracks rendering over other sprites.
  • Fixed the water fountain spout sprite billboarding. It is now static.
  • Fixed captions being stuck reversed when losing, quitting, or beating a level while upside down.
  • Fixed being able to pause during in-game field trips by opening the Steam Overlay.
  • Fixed 1st being able to pass through players under certain conditions.
  • Fixed sometimes being left behind by 1st Prize when passing through doors.
  • Fixed display issues on resolutions thinner then 4:3.
    • Fixed hud elements overlapping or going off screen.
    • Fixed menu screens being too small and low res.
  • Fixed multi-part posters not loading into levels properly.
  • Fixed being able to press the pause button and unpausing the game while using the Rewired control mapper.
  • Improved the appearance of the dither transition on non-integer scale resolutions with the pixel filter on.
  • Fixed party music playing from 0,0,0 instead of the Principal's Office.
  • Fixed window breaking missing a caption.
  • Fixed many dither transitions playing way too fast.
  • Fixed visual issues when quickly opening and closing the map.
  • Fixed the jump rope rendering on top of pause screens.
  • Fixed objects close to the camera near clip plane rendering on pause screens.

Known Issues

  • The principal's office tape player desk sometimes sticks out a window.
  • Arts and Crafter's clones during the teleport animation don't always match his orientation during Gravity Chaos.
  • Holding the quick map open when opening the advanced map causes a bit of visual weirdness.
  • Pressing opposite directional buttons to move the quick map can cause it to move at slow speeds.


BaldisBasicsPlus_0.3.6_Windows.zip 62 MB
May 13, 2022
BaldisBasicsPlus_0.3.6_Linux.zip 76 MB
May 13, 2022

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