1.3 Update Changelog

It's finally (Hopefully. :P) ready! I hope everyone likes this update. If you want to find out what's new for yourself, stop reading and go play the game! If you're curious what changed though, I've got most of the changes listed below:

  • Added a new character: 1st Prize!
  • Added a new endless mode!
  • Baldi's speed now increases along a curve; the first speed increase is greater than it used to be, but each subsequent increase is less than the last. Ultimately, Baldi becomes more threatening more quickly, but his max speed is lower than before.
  • Lowered Baldi's audio quality
  • Running out of stamina now no longer slows you down. It simply keeps you from running.
  • Slowed Playtime down, and she now emits music so you can know when she's nearby.
  • Added hot-keys for item selection. 1-3 allows you to quickly select their corresponding item slots.
  • Fixed a glitch that made Arts and Crafters harder to trigger than intended.
  • Added Skybox and outdoors decoration.
  • Added Safety Scissors, WD-NoSquee, and Alarm Clock.
  • Made It's a Bully's spawn points less painful; they're more of the "You need to go another way" variety now rather than the "You're completely trapped" kind, though that still can happen.
  • The school board has decided that eating food is okay; drinking, however, is still prohibited. Bullying is also no longer allowed.
  • Improved pause menu.
  • Added another ending… WOAH MYSTERY!!1!
  • Added a Zesty Machine.
  • Other minor tweaks and improvements.

Thanks again to everyone who's been playing! I've had a blast working on the game and I still can't believe so many people are enjoying it!


BALDI_1.3_Windows.zip 35 MB
Jun 01, 2018
BALDI_1.3_OSX.zip 40 MB
Jun 01, 2018

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