1.3.1 Update Changelog - Mouse issue is not yet fixed, but there's a workaround.

First off, 1.3.1 does not fix the mouse issue; that seems like an issue I have no control over. I'll keep looking for a solution, but I'm starting to think I just have to wait for a Unity update that fixes the problem. I've included a .txt file with information about the mouse issue and how to prevent it. I released this update because there were some other issues that I was able to fix, and I wanted to get those fixes out there! The changes are listed below:

  • Fixed bug involving the alternate ending.
  • Made Notebook respawn sounds louder.
  • Playtime now only wanders the halls; she will only enter a room if she sees you, not randomly.
  • Added a poster to the janitor's closet.


BALDI_1.3.1_Windows.zip 35 MB
Jun 02, 2018
BALDI_1.3.1_Linux.zip 40 MB
Jun 02, 2018

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