0.3.3 Releases June 25! Important note about your saves!

Baldi's Basics Plus version 0.3.3 is finally ready, and will release this Friday, June 25. As I mentioned in the previous devlog discussing the game's development roadmap, this update is mostly revamped internal stuff, so while there isn't much in the way of new content, this update is very important in fixing up some bugs and making sure development moving forward goes smoothly. You can read that devlog here if you haven't: https://basically-games.itch.io/baldis-basics-plus/devlog/255943/development-upd... The normal development cycle will begin as soon as the game design document is finished, and I'll be sure to let everyone know when that happens!

One of the most important pieces of information about this update is that some changes to saving were made. Due to these changes, any saved games of Hide-and-Seek will be erased, so be sure to play any games you have in progress before updating! High scores will also be reset, so if you'd like to keep those around to share your best pre-0.3.3 scores, you'll want to take a screenshot of them! Save files, settings, and the seed unlock for Hide-and-Seek will not be lost or reset upon updating.

Below I've included a changelog for the update. Due to how long this update has been in the works, I'll probably miss a few things, but this should cover most notable changes.

Adjustments and Additions:

  • Updated Unity to 2020 LTS. This may bring some improvements along with it, such as an improved Time.deltaTime which may make the game run a bit more smoothly.
  • I have implemented a new system for loading pre-made levels. This system works by loading in prefabs at runtime similarly to the random level generator, but unlike the level generator, the levels are loaded from data files storing which elements go where, instead of created by making random decisions based on the seed. All pre-made maps have been converted to this new format, which fixes a slew of issues they previously had due to the old, poor loading system. The levels using the new system are
    • Endless medium
    • Speedy Challenge
    • Stealthy Challenge
    • Grapple Challenge
  • This new system also makes it easier for me to make levels by hand, something I'll start doing for many future challenge maps.
  • All levels now use one single Unity scene. When new levels are loaded, this scene is loaded and the desired level is then generated/loaded. This, among other changes, has drastically reduced the size of the game.
  • Save system now uses encrypted Json files instead of BinaryFormatter for security purposes. The file extensions for save files have also been changed.
    • As part of this update, old saves will be converted to the new format. The old format save files will be deleted as part of this process, so if you'd like to keep your old format save files for any reason, you should back them up.
  • Reworked Arts and Crafters teleportation again, hopefully for the last time! It now teleports both the player and Baldi again, but now Baldi will always be a set distance away from the player, with the player always spawning near an elevator. The player should always be placed between Baldi and the elevator. The way teleportation locations are now selected should prevent both entities from spawning somewhere where they would be trapped.
  • All items now have large and small sprites. Small sprites (32x32) are used in UI elements, and large sprites (64x64) are used for the pickup sprites.
  • Added ambient noises.
  • Adjusted pause screen button positions so that quit isn't so easy to accidentally click on.
  • Added the boots and apple items, and the fog event, to the possible things which can appear in randomly generated endless mode maps.
  • Made some improvements to subtitles
    • Text will now adjust in size in order to fit lengthier subtitles inside the box.
    • Added subtitles to both field trips and Johnny's store.
  • The maze in the farm field trip is now shuffled after every five rounds.
  • Added a buffer to Math Machines that should prevent balloons from getting too close to them. This should help prevent players from accidentally clicking on balloons when trying to submit an answer.
  • NPCs can now travel through portal posters.
  • Notebook colors are now randomized.
  • Many Baldi and Principal of the Thing lines have been re-recorded so that they all sound consistent.

Bug Fixes

  • With the new level loading system in placed, many bugs that existed in premade maps were fixed, including
    • Math Machines using outdated textures and sounds
    • Elevators using outdated textures and sounds
    • Snack and soda machines not getting the "Out of goodness" sign when used up
  • Fixed a few bugs with subtitles
    • Subtitles no longer appear when pausing the game.
    • Subtitles will now be visible for sounds that started playing before subtitles were turned on.

I probably missed a few things, but that about covers the most important stuff. Again, remember to play out any saved games of Hide & Seek before updating!

Finally, I just wanted to mention that with 0.3.3 complete, I'm going to get back to work on finishing Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered. Look forward to news regarding that game's release date soon!

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