1.1 Update changelog

I updated the game. Here's the list of changes if anyone is curious!

  • Fixed mouse movement.
  • Bully was not supposed to spawn so quickly, and his spawn time has now been extended. He also can no longer spawn on top of you.
  • Hints added to YCTP, and the YCTP exit time has been fixed to be consistent regardless of machine speed.
  • Fix to the game over screen.
  • "You need rest" warning was fixed, and now actually shows up on screen.
  • Stamina now recharges much more quickly after running out.
  • Jump rope game now starts faster, and doesn't attract Baldi's attention.
  • Principal is easier to hear from far away.
  • Principal is slightly less sensitive about seeing the player in faculty only rooms, eating, and drinking.
  • Made the phone and tape player more effective. Now only make noise instead of the voice clips, make Baldi forget where the last sound he heard was, and prevent him from hearing more sounds for the duration of the audio. Changed Tape name to "Baldi Anti Hearing Tape."
  • Removed the giant globes from the principal's office, replaced them with desks.
  • Time to game over screen after getting hit by Baldi is now consistent across devices.
  • Renamed keys to "Principal's Keys."
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed you to hide behind objects you shouldn't be able to hide behind.
  • Made music slightly quieter.
  • Added an extra shiny quarter and Zesty Bar!


BALDI_1.1_Windows.zip 27 MB
Apr 02, 2018
BALDI_1.1_Mac.zip 32 MB
Apr 02, 2018

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